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Olivia Anti-Theft Backpack

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Bring more happiness to people around the world

Fashion is like art, it makes us experience life to a greater depth. We want to bring more color, more creativity and especially more happiness to women around the world.

Encourage everyone to love themselves more

It's often hard to feel like yourself if you're not wearing something that feels like you. Bayadora is a brand to feel at home in your body and mind.

Embrace our community of fashion lovers

We are not only a business, we are a community of people interested in looking and feeling good. Our new designs our inspired and often directed by people in our community.

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Thrilled with the quality and the colors! This backpack is really something different and well worth every penny. Even my best friend gave me compliments which never ever happens. And I love the added feeling of safety I get with it. Buy it!

Sandra B.

OMG this thing is beautiful! LOVE IT! Came with a shoulder strap and a cute key chain. I also contacted their customer service about my tracking number and got an response in couple hours. Thank you.

Jenna K.

So beautiful backpack! Fits everything I need and even keeps all my things from getting wet in the rain. Went slightly over my budget but I'm really happy I got it. Love the compliments I'm getting at work.

Catharina T.

Fiorella Luxury Cosmetic Pouch

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Florentine Messenger Bag

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